I feel like it's National Coming Out Week

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I came out to my mom yesterday while we were doing laundry. She took it well, and saw an opportunity to
lecture me about how we don't need to label our sexualities, which she did. Honestly, you know if my mom's
okay with something if she takes the opportunity to educate you the best she can about it. I was kind of
disappointed she was so indifferent about it, but I guess I should be grateful that she didn't freak out or
anything. Today I came out to my grandma, too. I also told her about how I'm trying to start a Gay-Straight
Alliance at my school next year. She was very supportive, which should come as no surprise, since she's a
lesbian herself.

I feel immensely satisfied. There's still somebody I haven't told, and who I'm not very sure about, though:
my dad. I know he's not against people being gay or anything, since my gay grandmother is his mom, but I
don't know how he'll react to my sexuality. Should I tell him or not? I'd like to be more open about my
liking girls, at least at home, but I'm not sure what my dad would think about that. I don't think he knows
that I'm attracted to girls, but my mom might have told him. Maybe I should ask her about it.

Any thoughts?


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Yeah, that's pretty much exac

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly how my sister reacted when I came out to her. I was a bit hurt that she didn't seem to care...especially since it seemed like a really big deal to me. But you're right, at least they accept it. I'm glad she took it well. As far as telling your father goes, I'd probably talk to your mother about it. From what you've said it seems he'll be ok with it, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. But good luck! I'm sure it'll turn out fine :)