i just don't no

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i don't no whats wrong with me.. i can't think strait.. i didnt'think it would hurt this much.. i don't really no what to say.. cuz i can't believe it.. and.. everyone that i was close 2.. seem to disapear and not care no more.. i don't no if it is just me.. but... everyone seems to .. not like me ..the friend that i had since the first dayy of school when i was in kindergarden seemed to disapear.. and i didn't even think i would ever leave him as a friend.. it hurts.. even though he is the opposite sex...i don't no anymore.. i just want to go away.. n start my life all over again.. but no forgeting the past.. .. everyone i met.. seem to b gone in a week.. and i don't want it to b like that animore.. .. i wish i dind't care so much.. n i no i don't care.. but at the same time a do.. i wish i wasn't so confused.. and ppl would just tell me whats going on.. n not hide stuff from me.. cuz usually i find out eventually.. and it really hurts.. that they couldn't tell me. i just don't no what i'm worth animore// n i'm really confused.. nothing ever works out..


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I'm sorry; that doesn't sound fun at all. Maybe you should try inquiring of your friends as to what the problem is. If they continue to ignore you and refuse to tell you I'd look for some new friends. It may be hard, but you don't want to hang out with people who don't want to hang out with you. I hope everything gets better for ya!


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You are worth it, no matter how your ex-friends act. You are you with or without them. Maybe try confronting someone about it?

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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You are the only one

Like you. you are unique as there is no one like
you other than you. That makes you special.
If others are ignoring you, or just acting strange
around you ask your best friend whats going on.
May be you are thinking things are not good when
actually nothing has changed. Talk to your counciler
at school or if school is out try your priest.
even if not religious try the MCC church near you
or the ULC ( Universal Life Church ) near you.
They both have trained people who can help/assist
with problems first hand and one on one.
Good Luck.
you are loved.