i like the wrong person

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god i like the WRONG person. it is doomed in so many ways. i think she likes me to or could like me which is a frightening thought. right now, though, she is making me so happy and i just want to hang out with her and get to know her better (and yeah, hold her hand, kiss her,...etc)

i can't even talk to my friends about this
i'm afraid that one of them will read this post even though they rarely go on here
i'm afraid to say more about her because they will know exactly who it is if i do

but god she makes me happy


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Haha, don't feel alone...I th

Haha, don't feel alone...I think lots of us have been in that situation (maybe not so extreme, but similar)...

Ask yourself what you're afraid of happening if your friends find out. Then go from there.

And if you're not into the whole self-analysis thing, chocolate and music are great aids for getting over crushes.

I may be up the creek without a paddle, but at least I'm in a canoe.