I love you

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I wrote this poem to show one of my friends that I truly did love them.
I hope it's good, it took me a while to think of some of the things to say.
Tell me if you guys like it or not ^_^

You’ve made me cry
You’ve made me die
You’ve made me smile
If only for a while

Don’t worry
I’m in no hurry
Just because I’m sad
Doesn’t mean I’m mad

I’ll give you a clue
I love you
That’s why I stay
And why I pray

Every day you remind me
Of how it used to be
Before you were here
Or anywhere near

I remember the days
All the different ways
I used to be
But it wasn’t me!

You’ve shown me who I am
You’ve always given a damn
Even when I was mad
Through all the times I was sad

You’ve never given up
Even when I ran out of luck
And for all of this I thank you
For always pulling through

Every time I cry
I feel like I die
I don’t ever want to hurt you
But I know that I always do

I hope you can forgive me
And I hope you can see
That I love you
Through and through

No matter what fights we have
I’m always glad
To hear you say
“It’s okay


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One in the same,Two of a kind

One in the same,Two of a kind - Incubus

that was sweet and nice and cool

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This is so sweet! I love it. :)

~~Gay And Here To Stay~~
"Mama I'm strange/The thoughts and the wants are the locks on the back of my brain/I'm descending pretending I'm blending I'm going insane/And they want me to change..." ~ "Mama I'm Strange", by Melissa Etheridge

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you've got talent keep it up.

you've got talent keep it up.its sweet.

I like to rap and girls if you have a problem with it deal with it

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It's very nice. I think that

It's very nice. I think that they'll love it.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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its cute,i like it If peac

its cute,i like it

If peace and love are so strong,why are there pieces of love that don't belong?-the black eyed peas