i met her best friend

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alright i was going into the city to go to a show... and my girlfriend calls me... shes like you should meet me and my friend he really wants to meet you since well i cant stop talking about you... so i went and i took one of my friends so i wasnt alone... we get there and she introduses me as her girlfriend... and i smiled said hi... i was really nervus... we got talking about school and life... the convo got really deep and intense... and i got scared... everyone thinks that im stupid because im kinda airy and always hyper... well we got talking about act scores and everything and her friend asked me my score and i told him... and its something i kinda keep to myself... and i told him that i got a 28 and i thought my girlfriend was going to die... because i scored higher then both her and her friend... then i got really unconfortable... when my friend said that i graduated a year early... but then my cell phone rang and me and my friend had to get outta there... i dont know what to think...

ps i have my own ring tone in her phone... isnt that soo cute... gag


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Well, either way it's over no

Well, either way it's over now. It didn't seem to go too badly, so that's good. Congrats on doing it even though you were nervous.

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