I still can't believe it

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My four-year-old sister was playing a Blue's Clues game on the computer, when all of a sudden she started screaming, "The game is broke, the game is broke!" I checked to see what had happened, and somehow the CD had completely shattered while still inside of the disc drive! It was a pretty old game; I played it when I was my sister's age. But still, how the HELL does a CD break into a million little pieces while INSIDE OF THE DISC DRIVE?? I mean, seriously, how is that possible? A bunch of pieces were apparently stuck in the drive, even after I'd taken all I could see out of there and used a butter knife to try and get out any pieces that might have been jamming it, because it wouldn't close. I had to get my dad to help, and he ended up having to take apart the computer with a screwdriver and shake out the CD drive over the trash can. It was completely weird.

When I'm older and I get a laptop, I am NOT letting my little sister near it. I have no idea what she could do to it.