i swear i will kill someone

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ok i need help before i go over the edge and kill my god foresaking lie ass mother of mine. here the sitaution my mother is one of those control freaks right? she WIL not let you go any where with no one. ok like last week i wanted to stay over my boyfriend house (Which she still doesn't know he is my boyfreind and that i am gay.)i had to begg her to go cas first she didn't like my boyrfirend cas he is black, she doesn't trust no one who is black or anyone who isn't hispanic. then she told me what if something bad happens over there. (his mother is over there and they live in the most safest place in the god forsaking county) then she told me that if something happen to me that its on me and she didn't have no responablity for me (whatever bitch)after all that i finally got to go it took a hour and half to make her say yes.

ok then like today i was going to spend the day out right, well she calls and says we are going shoping for some cloths for my new internship (yeaaaaa). well i had to tell my boyfriend not to come. i was expecting to go shoping and i told her do i have to go today she said yeah cas they was going to be a sale, WELLLL i got home and guess waht "HER ASS LIED ABOU TTHE SALE AND GOING ANYWHERE JUST LIKE SHE LIED ABOUT GOING TO MY BAND CONCERT LIKE SHE LIEDS EVERY TIME" she wanted me to stay home and look at the bugs fly fucking by. i am so tired of this bullshit, i only have to wait one more year and i am out this hell hole but i don't think i can last one year. i swear i will kill her and tell the judge i did but by all that is holy i will be the happiest man alive, i will tell you that much. i really cant take it no more, i think i going to have a nervous breakdown "i should have some fun it my summer for crying out loud" does any one have some advice for me and how to deal with this bullshit.

P.S ummmmmmmm don't mind how i write, today just got to me so bad

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DIDDUMS, DUDE U'R MUM SOUNDS LIKE A DRAGON! first, you should probably try to remember that even though she's a total freak, she's only (ultimately) doing it because she's looking out for you. i don't get the whole don't trust him coz he's black thing, but aside from that, black guys are HOT i'm so jelous! neway, just keep pushing through it dude, my family life was a lot less than perfect for about 7 years, but it will all come to an end and you will be able to go out as often and as long as you want! keep going babe!
take care


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My hand smells like cheetos!

Well, my mom's kind of that way too but not to such an extent. Usually if I'm a good little child and do lots of chores she lightens up and lets me do more. Basically with our relationship it's "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine." Proverbially speaking, of course, or else that would just be kind of awkward, lol. Also, if you argue too much then she'll just become more stubborn and won't let you do anything at all. I hope things get betta like butta! The good kind too, not that smart balance crap!


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Come to Jesus talk

I suggest that you sit down with you mom and explain your feelings to her. Tell her that she really, really needs to let you out because you feel like she's far too controlling. If that doesn't work, then you should do something that shows her that you know how to take care of yourself. But that's a last resort thing. Don't go there 'til you talk with her.

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Not kewl

Sounds like she is a control freek. Have you talked
to you dad on this? Is he in the picture? If not try
your pastor at church that mom goes to. Get an appmt
with him/her tell mom you have to see him/her and
go talk to them about the problem. DO NOT COME OUT TO HER
as things will get way worse here. Control freeks
will then try to control you even more as she does hav a
problem or at least baised on just this note from you.
The priest can make suggestions and even talk to her
and if she is religious ( most hispanics are and I assume here.)
she will listen to the priest and follow his/her advise.
Its a long shot but may just work out for the best for you
I have experience here as I too am a priest.
Good luck
you are loved.