i think im in love again, only......w/ a guy?????

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wow, i feel so bad about not having posted in a long time. i guess my female life just isnt that interesting anymore :-P. anyway, i just had a b-day on may 25, and i turned my lucky number. weird thing, ever since then, my life has seemed to take a turn for the better. i had the first sleepover ive had in years, i finally have someone i can call a best friend, and the girl im in love w/ and i are becoming friends again! fun, fun. except, a little bit of a topic switch here, i think i have another crush, and its a boy! have u ever had one of those moments where u catch someone staring at u and u stare back, but just b/c theyre staring at u, not b/c theres some romance thing? that happens to me a lot, but, again, i never feel anything. but one day during lunch at school, i caught this one boys eyes and he was kind of side-glancing, but then he turned his head and actually looked at me. usually this kind of thing wouldnt bother me any, but he was pretty cute....you know, for a guy. i thought i had figured this out but now im back to square....not one, but ive gone back some. now i cant stop staring at both of them, the boy, and the girl (who ive been in love w/ longer then the boy). what do i do now?


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follow your heart.. don't question it..

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I know what your saying...

Recently I've been crushing on girls almost as much as guys, leading to questioning the possibility that I'm bi again...IDK, mayeb you are bi, leaning towards women...who knows. Anyway, just see what happens w/ it. Later.

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