I want that...

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greenmind923: I R crzy
greenmind923: That should so be a lisciense plate
tehnxtsidvicious: LOL.
tehnxtsidvicious: Or I R gay
greenmind923: Dude
greenmind923: I want that liscence plate

I am so serious.


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"LOL." -amen



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I saw one last week

said "DYKE"
also saw one once as " QUEEN"
I wanted one that says. "2 guys"
or "2 gays" but the state says they are
both in use....alway a dollar short and a day late
You are Loved.

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yeah, that'd be pretty tight...lol.

You should, I don't know how much a custom plate costs in MO, but up here they're like $60....I'd get the first one if I had to choose between the two...how are things in St. Louis? Are you out of school yet? later.

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