I'll say I'm sorry for everyone to hear

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you've broken my heart.
it's lying in pieces on the floor.
i stand there.
staring at it.
it used to be a bright, beating red.
it's black.
you've killed my heart.
you took it within your hands.
knowing full well what you were doing.
you took the knife out of my back.
and you stabbed deep and hard.
I feel nothing now.
what happened?
what have i done to you?
I said I was sorry.
I apologized.
gave my heart to you.
and you slashed it through.
not that i mind.
i'll continue living.
slashing my wrists in front of you.
you'll stand there.
and with my last breath.
i'll say i'm sorry.
i'll say i'm sorry for being.
i'll say i'm sorry for being Me.


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I like. But is this you saying your sorry for
just being you?
you are loved.

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I like the poem in general, t

I like the poem in general, though I have a question: Why are you apologizing for being yourself?