I'M BACK!!!!!

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After two long,butt-breaking days of travelling,I'm back home. Apparently we have new $50 000 and $100 000 notes! Other than that nothing has changed. The thing is that my parents haven't brought up the issue of my sexuality yet(if anyone is wondering, I came out to my parents over the phone when they were here in Zimbabawe and I was in the States). I'm sure it will come up soon though,but I'm ready.


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So, you met someone? :-)

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well, plane rides suck...

What else is new? j/k. Hope you had a good trip back and get to stay there @ least for a little while. Also, good luck dealing w/ the parents. Was it them or your uncle that were so homophobic? I forget. Later dude, enjoy the hot weather over there, cuz' it's raining a lot where I am.
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Yeah isn't that $100,000 note supposed to be worth about 67p (say an american dollar). Well I suppose 1000percent inflation could be fun...

Still the conversation with parents will be even more fun. they will ignore it for a while, and then bring it up at the most uncomfortable and annoying moment

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You all cum back now...hear?

Hope you have/had a good trip and do come back
to the states. We need good people here unlike
our idiot of a president. Hope all goes well with
the rents too. Isn't it illegal to be gay i Zim?
good look anyway.

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