im off to camp...(horrid truth)

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i came this morning to find my room trashed... my bed was on its side... every thing i owned was on the floor my dresser was empty as was my closet... my parents were looking for something... well they found something thats forsure... they found my box of my poem books and my journals... they decided to look thru it... inside of it was the letter i wrote to my mom about me being gay... poems about this girl who i have been crushin... pictures i have drawn of girl(most clothed)... also inside the box was bible verses about homosexuality... websites phone numbers... actual pictures of me dancing with girls... one of me kissing a girl... but the thing that hurt them the most was the fact that some of the stuff they found was dated like 4 years ago... some things were even older... (i keep all my writings)... my parents told me to go to my room and clean it up... as i was doing this i hear them talking... they were talking to the prist at there church and my school (since they are catholic) about different place to send me... and they found this one place is for teenagers who have fallen off the path of christ and gave into temptations of homosexuality... im suposed to leave on wenesday... i have really no choice... i dont know what they were looking for but whatever it was i hope they found it... because now i get to spend 4-6 weeks in degayifacation... (but i dont think i will go i will get my mom alone and talk to her just me and her... tell her that its still me... and that these places dont work...) and i refuse to go... at first i was like fine whatever maybe it will give me time to really figure out my whole sexuality for myself... but then after i really thought about it i know my sexuality... and if it comes down to it i will move out... i plan on moving out end of summer i will just move sooner... but they are NOT sending me to camp...


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Geez, that really sucks how they reacted. I would try to talk to your mom about it and see if you don't have to go. But if you still have to go, you know your sexuality and nothing's going to change it. Your parents will have to accept it, but it probably will take some time. Just ride it out the best you can. My mom doesn't even believe that I'm bi. I told her a week ago and she says "It's just a phase." She thinks I'll outgrow it or something. And on that moving out thing, good luck with it if you decide to do it earlier.

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According to your profile you

According to your profile you're eighteen which means they can no longer put you into that kind of situation without your consent. So, um, yeah, screw them and their religion.

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i am 18 i turned 18 not too l

i am 18 i turned 18 not too long ago... i just got outta highschool... i said screw there religion a long time ago... but i am still living under there roof and that means under there rules...

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: ]

Awwww honey thats horrible. Thats an invasion of your privacy *shakes head at parents* Hmmm they cant send you off like that! Your 18 surely yould have the choice to stay or not.. but on the other hand degayification.... u might meet other girls there! hehe, try to look for the positives!


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Well... if you do have to go,

Well... if you do have to go, you realise you will be in a place where EVERY other girl is gay???
-evil grin- Shared dorms I'm sure. Rofl.

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oh yeah all those girls hehe

Oh man im likeing the sound of this camop.. where do i sign up?! hehe think about it sweet!

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i never even thought about t

i never even thought about that... maybe it wont be so bad... but im still working on not going

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You do have a choise.

You are 18 and a legal adult. You do not have to go
as that is the law. Many places like this have been
accused of attempted brainwashing of children. yes
lots there are gay but no chance to do anything about it.
You are watched like a hawk including "sister
notouch" sitting in the room and awake all night.
that way you "Notouch". Some places have been know
to use elect shock methods to "cure" you of homosexuality.
The most notorious ones are the Baptist "camps" and
the Catholic camps. The worst by far are the "private"
ones. DONT GO TO THE CAMP if you value your sanity
and health. I never advocate running away but....
I know you have to live under your parents roof
so I suggest that you contact the County Atty
or the HRC or the ACLU esp the last. and do it
as soon as poss. Dont wait Wed comes too fast,.
Tell the aclu what your situation is and what
your folks want to do. Tell them your age and all
that you can. DO it now.
We all care here at Oasis site and we all do care
for you. Good luck
God bless.
you are loved.
Ps let us know what happens.