L word

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Yay I just watched the second season of the L word.What a show people,what a show!Its great!Shane is my hero!
Ok so this probably a pointless entry but I just felt the need to proclaim my adoration of said show!


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heck yes

omg i love the l word its such a cool show and insperation...and shane is hot!!!...;)....but any who yah the shows great...i wonder when the new seasn comes bak

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The new season starts in Irel

The new season starts in Ireland next month I think..

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OMG, The L word is perhaps the best show ever made! I just bought the first two seasons on DVD...and yeah, I too am totally in love with Shane.

Season 4 is coming in 2007. :)

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I heart the Lword... Shane is

I heart the Lword... Shane is super hawt

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yeah i know the show is really awsome, i really dont go for tom boys but yes shane is totaly sexy and hot.

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