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I don't want to go home, I want to stay in the bay area all summer and hang out with my sisters and lay around and explore. I don't want to go back to Humboldt and work at some shitty job for minimum wage (providing I can even find work in Arcata) and have to deal with myu younger sister being stupid/insane and making bad choices or with my mom never being home.

My friend came to SF for the Damien Rice concert and so I could go back with her, which she apparently thought I was already doing, or I could stay here and live with my sister and her roommate with the small amount of clothing and things I brought with me and try and find a probably better paying job and save my money. So my aunt, my oldest sister's boyfriend/live in man and my sister who invited me to stay with her all seem to think I can just stay all summer...and I really wish I could but I have paperwork that's going to be coming to my house for school along with the summer book and all of my stuff is at home and I hate the idea of living off of them for so long until I drive them insane.... Oh, and of course I'm currently sharing my sister's bed and have ended up sleeping in the crevice against the wall several times and it's only a matter of time before i kill her in my sleep or something equally awful....

I pissed off my friend who's currently at the concert by telling her that I didn't want to go to haight and ashbury with her and the friend she brought for the concert because I've already been and wasn't too impressed. She also didn't seem to understand that I have no phone when my sibs are working and so can't just call her in the middle of the day or call them and let them know what i'm doing because they're working.

Moving on, LucasArts picnic is saturday and I got invited to that. I kind of think I'm going to have to go because my sister's boyfriend seems to think I should go and I'm not sure if they were asking or informing me that I would be leaving other sib's house and doing that.

I haven't spoken to my mom over the almost two weeks that I've been here because she's always with her skanknastic boyfriend and hasn't answered my e-mails...I'm getting the impression she wouldn't notice if I didn't come home.

Explored Mills with my aunt today, I'd already seen the campus on a tour but went to see the rest of it today to make sure I actually like it.

I need to figure out what I'm doing this summer because i need a job so i'll be able to pay for books and other things and I also can't continue this hiatus much longer because it feels really weird to not be enrolled in school or working and yet to be 18.

Gah, i'm not liking this.


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Hmm. That's a lot to think ab

Hmm. That's a lot to think about. Maybe you should make a list of pros and cons? I don't know. Good luck!

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