Love Affair with New York and the States

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I am sitting here watching Coyote Ugly. It reminded me of the hereTV Podcasts espisode number 21. Josh Kilmer-Purcell vividly and even proudly talked about his early year in NYC and his life as Aqua. He discussed how expensive it was a young person to get by in New York; the city had its attraction and stil has. He worked on so many jobs, to be able to live a full life. When I looked at his picture on the site I didn't see Aqua. I think just saw a Jerry MCGuire with a broadest smile I ever saw. I guess that was the whole point of the book. Aqua isn't really Josh, but she was a person in her own right.

I think the interview and Coyote did convey the attractions of living in New York. In Coyote Violet and her boyfriend had to work on so many jobs, just to get by and achieve their dreams. Well I am living in a red brick building in the middle town Glasgow. I have to make all sorts of decision each day for instance, whether to go out for coffee or having lunch. But New York is so huge and it is so connected with so many interesting places in Fire Island. My heart sets firmly on Glasgow and has made her its home. I would love to experience the struggles and joys of ordinary sometimes. One of my long terms project is go back to school (with myown money) to study pop culture at some points. Right now Glasgow is so attrative, but I am certainly going to keeping admiring from the distance. Hopefully one day we will meet.