lunchables make me happy and take the pain away :>

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they do indeed make me happy. pre-prepared meals that are tasty and somewhat healthy. makes me feel like a little kid again...that's a bonus.

those chicken nuggets are really good too...even if they come with ketchup instead of barbecue sauce.

anywho....jesus...i wish i could figure her out. no, not jesus...though that would be nice. no names...because i don't feel like it. but anyway...she's one of the few people who confuses the hell out of me on a regular basis. i have no idea what goes on in that pretty little blonde head of hers...

she doesn't like it when i touch her....i laid my head on her shoulder one time because i was exhausted after practice...we were both sitting on the edge of the stage, and i just kind of leaned over to put my head on her shoulder. she didn't push me off or anything...but she said in this odd, sort of playing, sort of god-only-knows what voice, "get off me." it wasn't rude or anything...just...i dunno. i couldn't figure out the undertones beneath it. that and right before the play started, leslie and i are standing there, being nervous, she comes up, give leslie this big hug...and even though i knew she wasn't going to give me a hug (which basically was the equivalent to stomping on my heart with golf cleats) she did something odd...she pulled away from leslie and looked at me, and gave me this grin, and said "i'll be seeing you..." or something like that...if she doesn't like me at all as a person...i wish she'd tell me or something...i mean, she's friendly to me and all...but there's just this tension there...when it flares up, watch out...we argue like a married couple....

i dunno...i hate being confoozled is all.


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oh meh gawd do you mean the

oh meh gawd
do you mean the dairylea (??) lunchables ??
if not then ignore me, because i doubt im talking about the right thing, but oh well ill go on..
but i <3 lunchables they're great, the 1's with sausage and the wrap things 'like omg they're so fun and time consuming to make! Like making your own food, putting it together, hail the brains behind them!'
and ppl that confuse other ppl are bad! I wish everyone would just write on their foreheads their true feelings! Just admit them and stop making my brain hurt! :P

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"Somewhat healthy"? I don't think there is one healthy thing in the entire container, actually.

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Healthy? You have got to be kidding me. I particulalrly don't think the chicken nuggets are

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