meh was bored decided to's therapy for me

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I am terribly bored today. i am not to sure, but in my boredness I remembered how much I loved this song, called babycakes, by 3 of a Kind. i tottaly recomend listening to it. I love it. hmm So also in my boredness I relized that I think my mother knows I am bi..well she probably thinks i am gay I certainly don't give off the "oh boys" vibe like I did when I was alittle younger. I was on the laptop and relized that I forgot to clear the history last time I was on so When I was on here and Gaycanada. com it was still in the browser..opps. I think I have done that before too. I would be very suprise if she did not know by now. So I have been thinking that I should tell her, but I don't really know how to approach the subject with out it seeming weird and out of place, and having my dumbass brother hear too. It makes me wonder though why she has not said anything to me about it if she has knowen as long as I think she has. But then again i could tottaly be paranoid and she could not have a fricken clue. hmm I don't know..a part of me jsut kinda wants to shout it out every now and then, but then I think that i still have to live her for the rest of the month and maybe the summer too. I am moving at the end of august so it might be better to tell her then, when I am settled and don't have to see them everyday and also have people all around to be like "Meaghan don't freak out you dumbass" hmmm I wonder how many times I have heard that one before...hahI am very excited to move on a lighter not though. I think that it will be good and fun too. I mean 3 girls in 1 house and jill who wil be there aften too we will always be having fun. We will be party house. haha HECK YES!!
hmm what else can I say. I am still pissed at my friend who decided to tell me she hoped I didn't get a job..bitch. I think that my guinea pig has lice sadly..i also kinda hope it can't be passed from animal to human..if it can be than I guess I have lice. She likes to play with my hair and crawl around my shoulders and i guess she eats my hair and licks me while she is at it so i most definently have it if it can be passed from her. ah well i guess i will find that out tommorrow I made her a vet appointment. hmm enough of my rambling no one likes to hear me go on and on and on anyway sry if I wasted your time