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My life sucks right now,I feel as though everything is falling apart all at once.I wish I could just lock
myself away and be alone because then I wont be able to be hurt anymore.Everything is just so messed up.
My family have so many issues,my job is a nightmare,and on top of everything i'm bi/lesbian,I 'm not even
too sure.I just feel so miserable.I just burst into tears today and could not stop crying.
I'm not even too sure why I'm writing this entry,I guess I just need to vent my feelings omewhere.I'm such a
miserable little bastard maybe its my own fault my life is so miserable.


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Hey you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. The hardest thing in the world is trying to understand yourself. It never hurts to vent a little and let others listen. Hope you feel better.

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get a thick skin bub!

oh baby! i know how you feel (trust me i do), and it sux anus and not even in a good way! i wish i could tell you what will make you feel better but the truth is there's no miracle cure. i'm in a very similar situation to you atm, in fact that only difference is that i'm sure of my sexuality, i'm the biggest poof in the southern hemisphere...and the northern. i guess all we can do is ride this time out, things will only get better, they can only get better when you hit rock bottom you know!? stay strong, guard u'rself, and if it helps, shut all else out until you can afford not to.
take care

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That's very unlikely. It's no

That's very unlikely. It's not your fault if your family has issues and your job sucks. There isn't anything that you can do. Feel free to cry, sometimes it helps. Things will get better, they always do. Good luck.

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