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Wow she takes my breath away. I was a bit nervose about going into my theropys class today coz monica was standing witht his group of girls also in her year and they started looking at me weirdly and i hearsd one of them whisper lesbian to monica, to i quickly looked away. I sat out of class and just watched everyone else do body combat and thai chi or sum junk, i kept looking at monica in the mirror and she was watching me the whole ime too, it was weird then after class i was rolling up my mat and saw her coming over so i started roling it up from the start (to take extra long) and wow she started talking to me the first thing she said was ' you know you have really pretty eyes lise!' and i was like *turning red* 'ohhh umm thanks?!' then we talkd about what we did on our weekend and she wated for me to put my shoes on and we stayed in the empty room for about 5 minutes blue eyes locking with blue. Just talking about everything! She umpires netbll when i play and this weekend the team she umpires is playing my team and she made me promise ild win the game for HER. she go's 'So lise this saturday its the swans VS Gems, Please can you win it for me? if you do we can go out to the movies after...' *cheaky grin* i was like 'oh sure only if you insist!'
We walked out of the room locking the door behind us we returnd our mats thei walked with her to the bus stop she catches the 601 and i catch the 457 so i walked with her there. We talked non stop , i dont think when the girls whisperd lesbian i dont think they were talking about me otherwise monica wouldnt have said anythn to me...... i think!

AWWWWW shes got me caught in her web!!!!


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Oh well. Sometimes it's nice

Oh well. Sometimes it's nice to be caught in a web. Are you sure that she wouldn't talk to you if she knew? I'm glad that you had fun.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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No im not 1000% percent shore but yeah i dont know.....