my auntie knows...

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Well...when i came home from the parade yesterday, my auntie was asking me questions like do you have friends that are gay?, are you gay?, and stuff like first reaction to her questions was to deny it because she was one of the people who i know wouldn't want me to be this way, so i told her no but then she wouldn't leave me alone and i ended up telling her parts of the truth...'cause me auntie is someone who thinks too deeply and i knew that if i told her i was bi/lesbian she would be asking me why i felt like i was and what made me realize this...and since i wasn't in the mood to be answering sooo much damn questions, i told her i was questioning everything and wasn't she goes into this mode where she tells me to go soul-searching to find out why i'm feeling this way and see what i'm lacking inside to make me this way...and gosh...i swear it's soooo irking 'cause with my auntie it's so hard to argue with her, or even to make her see that this is who i am and that should be enough for you, why do i have to answer all these questions in order to make you support me and accept me for who i am?...
...but...i told i was going to consider this...and i'm hoping she doesn't bring this up again 'cause her and her questions are too much, i'm going to try and figure out some things and see if i can get some answers that will keep her content with this...


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I completely agree with how annoying
it is to question someone so much
about something that's really
none of their business.
I wish I could help you
out. I actually enjoy being
questioned at times. But only
over certain things.
The girl I told you about
(the one I called today) has
a grandmother and that lady
has asked me everything except
why I was born! lol.
But sometimes I feel I need
her advice, so I allow her
to ask whatever she wants...

"Life is what happens while you are busy
making other plans."
~John Lennon

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Well atleast you found a tact

Well atleast you found a tactful way of answering your auntie's questions.

Some people don't end up being much support, but you sound like you are equipted to deal with this.

Atleast she was interested, even if she views it as something you should try to "change," still the fact that you put the questioning part out in the open is really cool. Congratulations on that.

Love and Peace,

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thnx...and yea...pretty cleve

thnx...and yea...pretty clever don't ya but it was the only way not to have her go all "preacher" on me...i didn't feel like gettin lectured the whole day and ruin the fun i had earlier...

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"