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okay i went into the city to see my girlfriend... and because i had a dr appt for an hiv test... and i went to my friends hosue... big fight stayed there for like 4 hours cleaning up the mess... it was gross... then i didnt even think about seeing my girlfriend i was gross... then so i called her and told her that i had to shower before we hung out... i was laying in the grass waiting for one of my friends to come and bring me my appt keys... and she just happened to see me... so she stoped... she sat there and talked to me... even tho i was gross... she didnt care... then i went and showered and she took me out on her boat to watch the fire works... but then i had to head home... because i live like an hour outside of the city... and she called me like right after i left and we talked until i got home... she told some of her friends about me... they want to meet me... its kinda scary... she got to meet some of my friends today... and they seemed to like her... and she seemed okay with them... i never relised how different of worlds we come from... but its okay because were both really happy with this... even tho its going to be hard... but when we hung out she said "goodnight sweet dreams my little pixie" i couldnt stop smiling... i still cant... puppy love such a great thing...


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awwww if all goes well i wil

if all goes well i will soon be in a new relationship and i cannot wait for the puppy love!

♥ alli