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My mom knows I'm a lesbian.

I'm SO FREAKIN' SCARED!! What do I DO?? My sister just told me that she was having a conversation with our
mom about the guy she liked, and that Mom asked about who I liked. She said, "It's a girl, isn't it?" and
that I didn't have to tell her who it was until I was ready.

What do I DO?? I've suspected this. Whenever I talk about the GSA I'm trying to set up at my school, she
gets...quiet. You know, like when your friend starts a conversation with some other people about a TV show
that you haven't watched, so you stay silent, hoping you don't look like a fool? That's what she's like. And
I haven't exactly covered my tracks up well, anyways. I've stolen some of her Victoria's Secret and Venus
magazines so I could stare at the hot models, and she's found them in my room. Heck, one of them was all
bent up and everything because I'd folded it so it would fit inside of my notebook so I could carry it
everywhere I went. I can keep other people's secrets, but my own? Not so great at that.

What do I do? Should I confirm this? Should I at least talk to her about it? Or should I wait? I'm going to
have to tell her about it sometime anyways. Dang it, I'm scared. I'm worried she's going to freak out or
something and then I'll be miserable. I mean, she's always told me that it's okay if I turn out to
be gay, but I don't think she's ever actually expected me to be "that way"!

What do I do? What do I DO??

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when my grandma found out i wasnt ready to tell her but if ur mom can guess then u should talk to her bout it instead of lyin to her cuz she may jus think ur not ready to tell so i say talk to her cuz when u get quiet when You know, "like when your friend starts a conversation with some other people about a TV show that you haven't watched" its cuz ur scared ull say somethinf wrong atleast she doesnt get mad scared and mad r 2 different things to this. mad is this is not wat I want u to be,this is not u like that and scared is im scared for u. so i say talk

P.S. noone expected anyone to be anything they r

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Talk to her. Your situation s

Talk to her. Your situation sounds a lot like my best friend's. His mom found his gay porn on the computer, confronted him, he never talked to her about. It just always sat between them like this big, fat, hairy, elephant. Until one day he finally just said the words. Mom, I'm gay. and you know what she did? She cried. Because she was so happy he finally trusted her enough to just tell her. Always be prepared for a negative reaction of course. But try to have some faith in your mom. she could surprise you.

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Hey try not to freak out too

Hey try not to freak out too much, if she does have an idea about you being gay and she hasn't preached to you about going to hell or tried to find you a man.. then she's probably alrite with it to an extent. Maybe she stays silent coz she wants you to come to her and talk about it. She might not be comfortable with bringing the subject up or something. But hey at least she pretty much knows so she's not gonna be completely shocked when you tell her out right. It's scary, but it's probably best to talk to her, she might be more understanding than you realise. Well I hope it goes well! :]

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If you're ready to tell her t

If you're ready to tell her then this would be a perfect chance. If not then don't worry. She'll wait for you. I'd believe her if she said that she'd be ok with it. They usually are what they say. Good luck with everything!

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Well to me it sounds like the perfect opportunity. And if she was gonna explode or get angry she would have already done it right? I mean it does sound like she knows, but maybe that's just my interpretation. Anyways I say if you're ready you should come out to her.

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