my prom

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as promised, i will tell you all how my prom went.

first a brief explanation - i was taking this girl as a date. we had once been sort of dating but then it kinda stopped and by the point of the prom i didnt know at all where we stood. so we were slightly more than friends. hmmm.

so we went together and it was a fun night.

the music was ok, the food was rubbish and they wouldnt sell any alcohol - even to the 18 and overs. tsssskkk, stupid school. they only did 3 scottish ceildh dances though, which wasnt enough. really it wasnt set to be a great night, but surprisingly it was alright - a chance to see everyone who we might not see very much now we have finished school.

everyone looked so cool in their dresses and kilts. a few boys wore trousers, not many and no girls wore trousers. i love getting all dressed up :D

me and my date never got any comments shouted at us like i expected - i guess i just get targeted on my own when there arent other people around to stick up for me. some people were whispering and stuff but nothing awful, and i even got some encouraging comments and "good for you"s from people i just kind of know, so basically a good response.


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That's good. I'm glad that yo

That's good. I'm glad that you had a positive response.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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Glad to hear it all went real

Glad to hear it all went really well..congrats on graduating

Don't feel the need to define me...I can define myslef

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Wish I could do that....