Netball :)

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yay i just got home from netball, great game! We lost by one hoop... But it was fun, i blocked so many passes! It felt great but i got really distracted REALLY easily becoz
1. My dad was watching me and he has never watched me play netball befor. (wow)
2. I was wearing non athletic shoes so i kept slipping over on the wet courts....
3. Monica was umpiring a game right next to mine.
4. Right befor my game i was talking with my mum and somebodys arm went around my waste and hugd me, it was the arm of an angel, monicas, so i had the thought of tha in my mind ... oh dear!

GREAT GAME THO! do u guys play sports? if yes which ones?!


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Hi, i know what you meen with distract, i have play many games and my dad comes often and watch me bud my mom has never watched me play soccer, but one game she came and the girl i liked then and that was Really hard for me to focus hehe..

yeah I play few sports, soccer IceHockey and golf :D :P

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Haha...I know exactly how dis

Haha...I know exactly how distracting it is when people you like do the same sports you do. Especially when they compete with you, so every time you get near them you're all "whoa..."

I do track and cross country...ha, I'm not much use for anything but running.

I may be up the creek without a paddle, but at least I'm in a canoe.