Nina-moo MY GIRL 4EVER and a day or two.

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M lifes preity cool. I cant tell friends about my thing for girls \, theyll put me on a stake lol *term of speach* Mmmmm. I have had many best friends though in fact im dateing my current best friend. Shes thje greatest she askd me out. And went bright red coz i thought I was straight! so i went n jumped in the shower (this is 3am mind you) then came out at 3:45, and tiold her that i didnt care that she was a lesbian (coz she was all quiet i did the talking)

Lisa (me) : i dont care if you get fealings for girls okay?
nina: okay?
Lisa: but how on earth could you get them for me?
Nina: Is everything about you, your smile your eyes your laugh your personality, its just you.
Lisa: Ohokay then... *rolls my eyes* and hy are you telling me this?
Nina: becoz i love you ok, we dont have to be friends ya no.
Lisa: Good, i dont want to be friends with you anymore.
Nina: fine just throw it away.
Lisa: throw what away?
Nina: our friendship.
Lisa: oh babe you dont get what im sayign! i dont want to be JUST friends.
Nina: Lise?
Lisa: will you be mine?!
Lisa: okay i will!
Nina: OMG i love you sooo much lise...... (NOT SAYN WHAT GO'S NEXT!)

Hmmm. So here i am, sitting here remembering our night togetherness and what we did ansd i think about this afternoon when i see her baby-doll-like face. Shes a hottie thats for sure! We do everything together though w go to diff schools we do our hw together, we every second day get dressed for school together (ill do her hair n she'll do mine):) umm we go to the gym together, and yes we are both sport adicts and lipgloss adicts and eachother adicts! love you Nina and YOU know it! weve been going together for 3 weeks today!

~~~BORN 2 TRY~~