Not Like You

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I always expected to change
the secret that burns me within
I guess growing up has taught me
That that's not the way things will be

I always believed I was special
But isn't that what we all do?
You say what I am is perverted
I say that I'm just not like you


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now thats what i call good, s

now thats what i call good, short n simple :)

~~Prepare yourself to meet a girl who can not sleep dividing every question till the question is complete, every twisted turn, she studies everyone, she won't leave any stone unturned the night is oh so young. SHES ALWAYS THE ANALYST~~~

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Thanks for the nice comments!

Thanks for the nice comments!... It's the first time I try to write a gay poem - usually it's all about reading between the lines, so noone translates it correctly...

I just want somebody listening to what I say...

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Wow, that completely describes how I feel about my being gay. This is great! :)

~~Gay And Here To Stay~~