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Hory cow, Tyler is gay! Hory donkey kow. Shizzle... omg. And Jessica is bi too. I'm realising all my friends are queer all of a sudden... Woah.

In case you guys didn't know, Tyler is someone from my Primary 5-6 years ago. He went back to Taiwan, came back to NZ about few years ago... and we met again through contact of another of my old friend called Ellen.

He came out to me yesterday (Tuesday) after I came out to him on Monday after we went to see Poseidon with Julie, Annie and Masako. I came out to Julie in the weekend before that, and told her I'm not going to hide my sexual preference to Tyler. Apparently, I ended up finding out he's gay too! Julie doesn't know Tyler is gay though. Tyler isn't out to her because his parents and Julie's parents are friends, and there's the risk of the information reaching his parents through Julie.

Julie still thinks I'm bi though. Tyler knows I'm gay (at least most of the time)... so apparently at school yesterday they were having a 'debate' about "what" I am. (This information came from Tyler). It was pretty hilarious...

The ironic thing is that, I didn't believe Tyler at first... I thought he was shitting with me (he sounded like that really in the beginning)... because he seems like the guy who'd do that. But then, today I felt that he wasn't lying so I'm posting it here now... This just proved how shit my gaydar is. He told me he figured out I am gay almost instantly... well, we had a great time chatting just then... whee! Neways, this made my day lol.


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What a crazy coincidence...lol

Dude, that's awesome...Whay are the odds of ur old friend coming back from taiwan, finding you, becoming friends again and then you find out he's gay too...That's a LOT of crazy incidents in my opinion that would seemingly almost never happen....but hey, @ least you can be a little less stressed about your orientation around friends...That's really lucky Max, to have a good friend who is also gay...Ur a lucky guy. later.

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Damn cool

That is damn cool. I'm so glad you actually have another gay person to talk to - and if he's hot can I have him?
I hope you have fun and get your gaydar fixed Max

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