Oh shit son. Coming out's gonna be hard son.

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Random thing I wrote a few days ago/today regarding *what else!* my coming out process.

My coming out process has been stop-and-go; I tell a group of people, get their reactions, then wait until I let more people in on the secret. I guess “hurry up and wait


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wow thats god i think

um wow so im guessing it turned out good

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yes, for now.

For the time being, yeah everything's fine. But this is Wisconsin, and just as much as the weather changes, people's minds change just as quick :)

Things will change. I will change.
Ai ess aich ell ee why.

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I just wanted to say that it

I just wanted to say that it was nice to read a good clear account, with no drama and "omGz i wnt 2 kIll mi-slF!". I admire how calmly and collectively you handled situations :)
I would have lied to my mother over the photo's without thought (actually have done stuff along those lines a few times lol, crafty woman), and probably would have completely flown off the handle at the faggot thing.
You rule :)