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So actually comeing to terms with 'oh my god im a lesbian - bisexual more in favour of girls' is actually kind of weird. I fell asleep last night and unlocked parts of my memory. It kind of makes scence why i am who i am today. I FORGOT ABOUT KEIRA! When i was born my mummas best friend gave birth to her baby girl 3 days after me, we were boh premi, we practiacly grew up together untill the age of 7. And the strangest thing is we made a vow never to stop talking to each other. I remember we used to kiss n hold hands under a tree at our all girls school lol oh dear. So maybe iv had it in me this hole time, maybe i was born with this gayitis. What ever it is, however i got it, im sure glad i did!

I asked mom about her today and she confirmed that she exists and i called her again, and apparently i saw her 4 years ago and we went bright red when we saw each other ... hmmm?! long lost love.. but shes a slut now! lol.

hmm isnt it weird.


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dang suxs

haha thats kinda weird i did that too with one of my friends whom i knew since i was born...we would hold hands and kiss,....huh turns out shes straight....but what ever i dont need her...im over her...

i rather be hated for what i am then to be loved for some thing im not

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oh this is weird alright!

~~~born 2 try~~~

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I know how that goes

I had the same thing. One of my friends, that I grew up with, and I did the same things. I dunno, she's straight now, and I never see her. Plus she hates me (she's a prep.. I'm a goth... doesn't work out for some reason) Oh well. I've moved on. ^_^

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