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So I've been invited to yet another party--I seem to be getting a lot of invites recently because of May/June birthdays and it being the end of the year and of course just because of random get togethers and all that.

Anyway this is one of those annual type parties that happens every year and it was really awesome last year but I'm debating whether or not I want to go this year. I want to go because it's probably the last chance I'll have to see a bunch of people this year because I'm going to be working and the whole going off to college and all that and it would be nice to have us all together as a group again.

S and M tried a get together for everyone a couple of weeks ago which I went to, but three of the people there, who I've hardly seen at all this year and used to hang out with all the time, left after about an hour. This party is being put on by A, who is one of those three people and while I would love to hang out with them I have a feeling that it could be really awkward.

I don't know who all has been invited and every time that I think about hanging out with these people I have flashbacks to a party I went to junior year for C's birthday that ended with my sexuality being openly debated. It sounds really stupid but it was a particularly unpleasant experience with my whole being closeted, still coming to terms with it myself, and the not having slept for about 36 hours thing.

This would be the first party with everyone in one place for a prolonged period of time since I've come out and it isn't unlikely that it would come up because I haven't really spoken with these particular people about it--and that's just how these parties usually end up, crazy open forum discussions of people and what they've done since the last time we all hung out in the middle of nowhere.

I want to go, I really do, because it was a lot of fun last time...but I just don't want to end up having to answer weird and awkward questions.

So I guess I'm going to wait and see who else was invited and intends to go and that at least some of the people I hang out with on a regualr basis will be there.

Oh and senior picnic is friday which excites me because I'm really lame and the idea of getting out of class to hang out with friends all day excites me.


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You went to an S&M party?!...

You went to an S&M party?!...haha, just kidding!
I would say that you should go to the party if you really want to. You might find that you didn't really need to worry.. or maybe, if they do happen to talk about your sexuality, alot of them are just interested because it's different. Either way it sounds like it would be worth it to go.