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AAARGH! I was talking to my friend on MSN and I was trying to think of what to say on it to come out to her and I couldn't think of ANYTHING!! I really wanted to tell her, but I couldn't think of what to say so that I could still stand seeing her in school tomorrow without feeling scared or weird. I wish I could tell her in person, but I know I will never have the guts to! I just feel more like I'm not sure if I can make sure that she won't tell anyone unless I can look her in the eyes and see her reaction to it myself. I feel insecure enough already and I'm afraid if I tell her it will be even worse. Especially if it does get out somehow! Ugh! I wish I could just tell her! Maybe I'll invite her over sometime this weekend or week and try to tell her then....I don't know. We'll see...


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hay i think its great that u

hay i think its great that u feel ready to tell her, i hope it goes well for you and good luck on telling her.

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good luck! i told my 3 best g

good luck! i told my 3 best girls over msn... its easy, theres no face to face reaction... untill school! But yeah, if ure not sure how she'll react y dn u get a new account, add her and ask her without telling her, if shes fine with it then go bak to ure old account and tell her! i did that to my 3rd besty! still thinking about how to break it to my no1 bestie.

good luck!