Pretty Pointless Update

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I've had an extremely busy last week.. but I spent my weekend doing my work like I shuld so um, my workload lightened by a lot (I've done most of it)... I just have to polish up this sos assignment and finish reading this novel that's all. Yeah.

Just a few things that still continue to piss me off (some more than others)... I had this english Common Assessment Task... I got Excellence but I'm still extremely annoyed because I didn't manage to finish the test. If I just had 3 extra minutes I could've finished and gotten Excellence+. The reason I'm complaining is because E+ has a GPA of 100 on our report, while E only has 80. There really is a huge difference and it's reaaaalllly bugging me. We also lost our debate on Friday.. which we COULD SO easily have won if we didn't underestimate the opposition and expected to win. Also, on Saturday our team drew our soccer game because the frickin oppostion scored at the LAST MINUTE of the game. I was a defender and I twisted my ankle when that happened and I still feel really bad about it. So yeah, basically.. twisted ankle + opposition scored = sux. URGH. I hope these thoughts will just go away!! Like somehow I can force myself to forget it. Another thing that annoys me too is that I don't want to go back to TW this holz... I really want to hang around with my friends this holiday... but I HAVE to go back becoz I need to get the stuff I need for my Jap trip... oh well.

Yeah, and I caught the frickin cold... having a headache, caughing and blocked nose. Not very nice at all.


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You're really not having a fun time at the moment are you max? I'm sorry dude. Don't worry dude - there will be plenty more exams coming up for you to do too damn well in

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hey dude, it's okay...

If I were you. I'd talk to the teacher about the grade-they might understand and let you finish your idea or even re-take it. As for the soccer stuff, hey man, I'm a LOT worse at soccer than you-I would prolly try to kick the ball and land flat on my ass...Well, as much as twisting ur ankle sux, at least you didn't break it :)...feel better dude...good luck on the remaining schoolwork and enjoy the trip to taiwan as much as you can...later.

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