Pride FUN!

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YAY! The Pride Parade was today and it was fun...despite the fact that i barely knew anyone in Rainbow Revolutionaries (the group i was with)...but one of my good "sexxi" bi friends came with me lol...she's was so awesome...and our group was behind the float full of gay guys who were dancing to cool techno was so we were handing out candy to the people that were watching and there was some cute people especially the japanese tourists ;p...
So...all in all...this was my first Pride day and it was fun...i hope i can go to more and be a part of the celebration for years to come :)...

oOo...soo coo...this is kinda random but after my friend and i went to Hot Topics and i bought a rainbow wristband & a "We Are Everywhere" sticker that has a rainbow on'm obsessed with rainbows...i love it...well...that was my day...thnx for listenin...and i hope for anyone who has a Pride day coming have fun :)...


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haha my gay best friend bough

haha my gay best friend bought me a "we are everywhere" tank top from ht recently. so cute.

♥ alli