problem please help

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city life: 3 days a week im in the city collage classes and play... i have a group of friends there... they are all in the gay community... some are gothic some are preppy but yeah... they are my city friends when im up in the city... we hang out and everything... they know im not out and that i am very unsure about my sexuality... to them i am open and honest... they also no i have a life back in the country... they know all about it... know everything there is to know...

country life: 4 days a week highschool classes church and family... here i have got a group of friends from school... mainly guys but some girls... they are preppy... bitchy... selfcentered bible thumping... wonderful friends... we talk about everything... but yet we are all tottally fake... they see me as the cute little tomboy... the girls like it because im not scared of the guys and the guys like it because im a cheerleader who likes cars... and knows what im talking about...

where this is a problem: went to the mall (in the city) with a group of my country friends... we went to see a movie do some shopping you know have fun... and we were waiting in the food court... and i spotted my city friends... walking towrad us... my friend ashlee said something to the affect of i hope they dont like jump us... and then i heard it... my city friend tj grabed me up and screamed out "pixie omg i havnt seen you in like 2 days i missed you sweetie..." and well my country friend ash "pixal you know this faggot..." and well things went down hill from there... i almost outted myself... but i stopped it... then i look up and my friend tj and i knew how much i had hurt him...

whats going on now: my country friends are driving me insane with questions about my city life and what i actually do when im gone for 3 days at a time... and my city friends wont talk to me... and they are the ones i really care about...

what to do: i dont know thats where you come in? in you have any advice please tell me... im up for anything...


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Hi.Well it seems like your ci

Hi.Well it seems like your city friends are actually your real friends.They know more about you,and seem to love you for who you are,not who they think you are.
I think if you call your city friends and apologise for how you behaved and explain your fears of being outed to your country friends and your feelings about your country friends to them,you can start repairing your friendship with them.
As for your coubtry friends questions,you only have to tell them what you feel comfortable telling them.
I hope this helped,
Good Luck

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nail got hit on head

I think ghost hit the nail square on the head.
Talk to city friends and tell them that you are
not out to the country friends.
talk to the country friends and tell them that
you are always called faggot by your city friends
as you are such a tom boy. Eather that or come out
to the country friends. I am sure that your true friends will
stand by you and those who are bigots will show themselves to you
too. Good luck
you are loved.