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Yesterday I went and saw X-men 3. Like a lot of other people said.. I sure saw a great correspondance between the mutants and the struggle of the GLBT community. However, I thought the movie could've been better... a lot of great special effects - but I thought that was supposed to be the wrapping not the gift.

After Robert, Michael, Nixon and I saw X-men 3, we went to this place called Extreme where there are games and stuff. We played like 5 rounds of pool and countless other crap until we kind of realised how much we were spending. I enjoyed it a lot though... it was so fun...

We left extreme after this other group (Alex, Atsu, James, and a lot more other people) came to Extreme as well. At first I was going to go with the other group to see X-men 3, but then I decided not to when Michael said to go with him instead (because I didn't like many people in the other group, and neither did Robert and Michael). Yeah neways, then we went to Mc Donalds, and had heaps of refills for our drink and yeah.. then Nixon and Michael had to go so Robert and I went back to the mall, wandered round the place for a bit, saw a few people (There's this guy called Hogan and he's famous for dying his hair ginge, then dark blue... and carrying a so-called "fag-bag"). I also saw Steph... they were there to watch Poseidon... I'm watching that lyk on Monday.

So um yeah, then I went home... the only reason I could go yesterday was because it was a Friday and I had school off and there were more buses on Friday. It was still a long trip though... more than an hour just to get there... but I guess it was worth it. Time to have a break today and on Sunday so I don't go over my budget too much and so I could practise piano and finish my work.


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Hmmm X-men is suppsed to be abit weak. Maybe i won't bother seeing it. And poseidon looks pretty dire. But we've got some good movies coming out later (pirates, superman, miami vice etc)

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