Religion+stupid grandma=angry confusion!!

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ok if people think the gays are born that way then why is it a sin if we were its not our fault is it no so then why does some chirtstians who say ur born wit it say why cant u change it, i think thats stupid cuz like come on u cant change ur skin color (that was a skin illness to micheal jackson ok) and u cant change ur eyes colors so yeah they need to shut up.

yesterday my grandma (who i live wit) sed "i want a normal life and u should too" then she left go shopin and i sed to myself define normal
like i know im bi/lesbian but its the religion thing thats killin me and all so when i try to talk bout it to my grandma she brings "ur goin to go to hell thing" up so yeah she thinks its a fad cuz like girls do it cuz guys think thats hot i sed to her thats nasty and messed up and she took like i was sayin gay sex was nasty so yeah she wont listen.

im also tryin to convince her that this isnt a fad wit me its real cuz i rember my first thoughts of likin a girl when i didnt even know wat gay was.


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Tell her its not a sin and if

Tell her its not a sin and if it is who cares becoz god forgives sins!

~~If homosexuality IS a sin, its OK because god FORGIVES sins!~~

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Well yes...God does forgive t

Well yes...God does forgive the sins of those who accept Jesus Christ into their heart and ask forgiveness. But you have to wholeheartedly repent and want forgiveness for doing something you believe wrong.

And if you believe in the said theory.
Then to be a practicing homosexual, and believe your are sinning, you can't go around asking for forgiveness every ten minutes. Not without feeling like a piece of crap for failing your God.

Its a bit of a Catch 22. Yes, God will forgive your sins. But you're gonna feel horrible 24/7 for failing Him. And probably, eventually, enter an "acceptable" heterosexual relationship in order to fulfill your religious beliefs.

Sometimes it gets hard to see who you are when you're busy seeing what everyone else does

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I say give her the talk of Al

I say give her the talk of Always Our Children, which defends our right to love and our right to stay in the church. Just tell her the whole it is right to love each other, but the only sin in homosexuality is that our act of sex does not bring forth children.

If being gay is a disease, I might as well call in sick for the rest of my life.

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Well, I don't really believe

Well, I don't really believe in any God or a Heaven or Hell. But to people who say that homosexuals all go to Hell, I hahve to say that I'll be GLAD to go when I die because I can bet it would be a fabulously fun place and a lot of my friends would be there with me to enjoy it.