Return to Reality....

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Return to reality is what I must do
I can't just be with you
I can't just be your friend by day
And girlfriend by night
This sneaking around isn't right

Everynight I'm with you
I feel like I could fly
Getting lost in your eyes
Makes me high
Sitting next to you
Is a dream come true
But when I'm with you
I know it must end
For in the morning
I'm just another friend
Wishing last night wouldn't end
Return to reality yet again

Your my best friend and something more
Your the girl I wait for by the door
Walking down hailways side by side
Trying not to look each other in the eyes
If only people weren't nosey
We could talk about last night
But yet I stop these thoughts
And return to reality again

Now standing there in your room
I feel as though I can trust you
Being here alone with you
Brings me peace of mind
In a life full of chaos
Hoping that I could tell you
What its like being with you
That it puts me in a world
Thats not my own
Where I'm protected from
People having to judge me
But with a knock on the door
I must return to reality once more

I have to leaving
The safety of your presence
And the warmth of love
And as I leave out of this world
I give you a hug
Returning to reality oh fudge


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wow this poem is really nice.

wow this poem is really nice....


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Ouch. Sounds painful. Nice po

Ouch. Sounds painful. Nice poem though.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.