Runny eyes, Being cashless and relaxing evenings

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Brian Unger's final remark on his alternative commencement address includes "Don't be a jerk" and "Enjoy this carefree moment as it is your last, because it really is your last". Well I am enjoying every moment of it. Well I am still in school, but working with very little supervisions feels so great. I went to 11 p.m. mass today. Paul wasn't there as he told us. Caroline wasn't saying mass, but instead Rector, Kelvin was there. I think I am still not feeling comfortable around him. But I am less agitated and restless this time. I spent the entire afternoon in the library. I didn't even pick up a pencil when I got home. Now I am watching Leon with Duncan and Oliver. Yesterday was almost like this except we were in a bar playing pool. I kinda like this way, and want to put off working as long as possible.