she's gone

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.. ahh.. my gfriend is runing away from home cuz her aunt and mom is beating her.. she just left to go to b.c... then she is going to vinina.. .. she will b back in august.. and i'm really going to miss her.. she's gone.. for mostly the holl summer vacation.. what i'm i going to to.. ...... really sad.. but not at the same time.. because.. at least she wont get hurt from them animore.. so it is better for her safety.. so good luck nat.. and i love your with all my heart <3 <3.. n i'll see you in august.. and i hope you do well on the road. good luck.. and i'll miss you so much.. and i don't no what else to say.. i'm just .. woosh.. past my head..


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awwww.....well atleast she'll

awwww.....well atleast she'll be bak on augost


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hey, maybe it's good for her...

I mean, if her mom is beating her and she is in an abusive situation, it might be good for her to get away for a while...Don't get too down about it, She'll be back in August. Look on the bright side of it. If it's better for her, and you love her, than you should let her do what she needs to do over the summer to get her life together. Good luck.

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