Sister coming over! Woo.. I guess

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Well.. I'm glad to be able to see my sister. She moved out during last year, and it's been different since she left, but sometimes she did get on my nerves. She's almost 18 see, and I'm almost 16... So like most older siblings do she abuses the fact that she's older sometimes to get what she wants. And unfortunately, sometimes if I disagree with what she has to say, she'll hit me or something. Last time she did that because I was teasing with her and called her fat, which she is not. She's a stick... and she knows it. But anyways, I jokingly called her fat (it was obvious I was joking...) and she hit me. Not a light punch either, one of those leave-a-bruise-for-weeks punches. It annoyed me to no end... Oh well...

Plus I think she's a little worried about me being bi. We're only step-siblings so I think she's worried that I may try to make a move on her, which I would NEVER do. We may not be biological sisters, but I think of us that way and I definitely wouldn't make a move on her, I don't even like her like that. We're like twins... I think of her as my twin that looks completely different from me. Interesting eh? But yah, she's on her way so I better get off of here before she comes in and sees me typing this. I'd be in big trouble.

But she'll be here for the weekend, I'll update you all as the weekend goes on. On another note, this random guy IMs me on the internet today right? And well, he's nice and all, but he tries to make moves on me. He brought up bondange, and I told him I don't like it. He says he wanted me to do with him... I'm thinking... Uh... For one you don't know anything about me (he didn't even know how old I was). My profile says 18, but that's only so I can get into chats. And I told him no way is that happening... But yah, just kinda freaked me out. And he asked me out. I declined, I didn't want to make him angry by saying no harshly you know? He didn't seem like the type of person I should really be talking to. But yah... I'm going to go now and stop rambling. See you all in a while!

Oh and I'm apologizing for the rant I had on my last post, I just got really upset and needed to vent somehow. ^_^ I'm sure everyone understands. See ya!