So here's whats up with me...

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So guess what? My life seems to be really crazy right now. My parents have been divorced for a very long time, but my dad lost his job as a lawyer two and a half years ago. He was stealing money from his law firm. At the same time, and probably because of what my dad did, my step-mom started to drink heavily. My mom got pissed and made me move in with her for my freshman year in high school. She lives in a really small town, and it was a big adjustment to make because I was used to the city. I still prefer the city. Anyway, all of these events seem to have culminated in the past few weeks. A few weeks ago, my step-mom had been out with some friends and she got really drunk. Her friend, who had been drinking a little, brought her home. My step-mom decided that it would be a good idea to break out another bottle of wine. My dad, who has been too passive about her drinking, decided to stand up to her and he took the wine away. She got pissed and decided to leave in her car. My dad and her friend were not about to let her drive drunk, so my dad gathered all of the keys in the house and put them away. He went out to our garage after he did that and he saw that my step-mom had thrown all of his graduation stuff into the middle of our driveway. My dad has been going to school since he lost his job as a lawyer, and he had just had a small party with his classmates earlier in the day. He picked up his stuff while my step-mom went into the house to cool off a bit. Her friend followed her into the bedroom and talked to her for a while. My brother told me all of this, because he was home from college already. I was still in school and at my mom's house. He saw all of this, and then he went down to his room for just ten minutes. The next thing he knows, there is a cop lady knocking on his bedroom door like she wanted to break it down. My step-mom had called the cops and told them that my dad was abusing her. My dad was not abusing her, because my bro saw her just after she was cuffed and put into the cop car. The police took my dad and step-mom to jail for the night, and they talked to a judge the next morning. The judge issued a no contact order between them and said that my step-mom could stay in the house until the August trial date. It's crazy because my dad owns the house and pays nearly all of the bills. So myself and my bro are stuck in the middle of all of this. He's living with his girlfriend while my dad and I are staying with my grandparents. It really sucks because this is the only time that I get to visit my dad this summer, and we don't get to spend time together in relative peace at our house. I'm just dumbfounded and I don't really know what to make of the whole situation. Nobody in my family has ever been arrested before, so everything is just really crazy. Anyway, that seems to be my life story and everything on my mind recently.


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Sounds really fun man. I'm sorry you're having such a shitty time

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Oh, it's great!

What do you mean? I'm having a blast. ..::eye twitches::..

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