So, how was Pride?

Great! Had a blast!
11% (6 votes)
Okay, but a little over-the-top for my tastes.
4% (2 votes)
Okay, but a little corporate for my tastes.
2% (1 vote)
Okay, but lonely and jealous of all the damn happy people.
9% (5 votes)
Completely miserable.
0% (0 votes)
I chose not to attend.
4% (2 votes)
There is no Pride event in my area.
34% (18 votes)
I was unable to attend for other reasons.
36% (19 votes)
Total votes: 53


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my answer: did not go to t

my answer:

did not go to the one last weekend, 3 hours away from my place, because the girl with whom I planned to go was sick.
But there'll be one in Berlin on July 22, and I want to be there!

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I FORGOT!!!!!!! Pride weekend where I live was at the very beginning of June. Not that I would have had anyone to go with anyway, though. :-|

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you should definately go to the one in Berlin

because that souds like viel Spaß.

Love and Peace,

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I had a marvelous time

Although when I went 2 years ago I was still closeted to a lot of people, and I had a miserable lonely time then. But this year I'm out to everyone and I went with several close friends, made the 2 hour road trip and met other people we knew there.

The lonely terrible pride of 2004 drove me out of the closet, which resulted in a much happier more delightful time this year. It's just like a day at a gay fair with all of your friends. :)

Love and Peace,

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I am in a small town in the European country side and I am about 2 hours away from a large city that would have an event.

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Pride in Seattle was hella ko

Pride in Seattle was hella kool i met up with alot of friends and had a great time we all went and playing in the water and well yeah i left a hicky on nikes neck and well nick dont like me that way but i truned him on and it was pretty funny cuz he always like to watch my ass and well yeah we were getting pretty close and then yeah we had to leave to come back to Tacoma and well today i seeing my gay hot sexy man and hang out with him all day but i cant fall for him cuz he has a boyfriend :( lmafo yes i am tran... i am going to be a guy..

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i live in the gay mecca of th

i live in the gay mecca of the east coast, so our pride was a huge event. I just find it a little weird that all sorts of straight people line the streets to watch us parade down while they clap, cheer, and whistle. Also that they bring cameras and video cameras. a little too weird for me.

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i wasnt able to go

i wasnt able to go cuz my gf and me had ppl over when we was told not to have ppl over and we parted.