So I’m going to school now…

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Okay I missed my 8:30 bus because I could not find my Nike sports shoes! Well now I’ve found them and they’re sitting comfortably on my feat! But I have to wait for the 9:30am bus so I basically have 1 hour! I rang my mom to let her know!

A phew things want to say; im on a coming out role! I was having an argument with my 13-year-old homophobic brother; anyhow he’s in a really bad mood. Little shit. Ha ha. e so he was calling me a slut and I called him an asshole so I started calling me nasty names so I shouted over him “ shouting all words NATHAN don’t you realize that to be a slut you have to sleep around, don’t you realize that calling me a lesbian doesn’t affect me becoz I AM! ‘ oh Bahahaha you should have scene the look on his face he was horrified. (I WON WITH THE TRUTH!!!)

Now before I go iv written a letter to my mum; here’s what it says:

Mother * underlined *

Im sorry for being the worlds biggest bitch, It’s just I have been trying to deal with something. Something Very confusing to me.
So ill try to do better with everything I do, and ill try to be a whole lot nicer too.

While I go to school today I hate it more than you might know, the guys at Gold creek are total assholes, Though in the past couple of weeks I have come to realize its not just one or two its all guys. Hehe; GUESS WHAT?!?!?! All guys make me sick like I want to spew.

Hmm its almost 8:30 now time to board the bus to hell.
Have a nice day ill try hard too.;

Love Lisa

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Do you think she’ll get what im trying to say? I’ve been dropping hints all week about me.



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Well, I'm really glad that yo

Well, I'm really glad that you're finding the courage to come out, but I'm not sure if you need to be so confrontational about it. Think about it--if you confront someone with your gayness, you give them very little room not to act defensively. Because you are assuming that they will react negatively, or if you yourself are using negative language, then they are much more likely to feel put on the spot, rather than having the space to find their own words. Don't bring negative reactions down on your head if you can help it.

As for your note to your mom--maybe you could make it less... graphic and stereotype-reinforcing? I get that the thought of sex with guys is gross to you but you just said that the thought of guys in general makes you want to spew, which is very much not the same thing, as it reinforces you as a man-hating lesbian. Also, maybe you should just drop that as a hint when you're just talking with your mom, rather than in a note, because I don't think she'll necessarily conclude you're gay from that note, and it would give her a chance to clarify.

Good luck, and I hope you weren't too late to school! :)

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