so just a quik question

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do u think ure born gay / bi / ect? or what?

im not really sure.

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It is my belief that I was bo

It is my belief that I was born gay. I don't know if I would chose to be gay but I certainly love it. Though that is a whole other forum.
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Honey was born this way!!

If the str8's don't like it they can suck my
Every one is born bi but we tend to go one way or
the other as we get older. Some stay in the middle
and are truly bi.
You are Loved.

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dont know.

well i dont know if i whas born gay or what ever.
and oldfoxbob u got a nice point there i never *thout* that all people in the world cud be bisexual cause i have seen "str8" people *flerting* with there same sex and then they *act* like there not.

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be happy

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I believe you are born that way...

I mean, I never wanted to choose this orientation, why would anybody the way the world is towards GLBT's? I do think we are born that way, and Oldfox, I have to disagree with you...Though your idea of everyone being born bi is a cool theory, I don't think it is true...

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um...i dunno

i cant really say i was born gay but i always new i like gurls....its weird i was like the slutiest gurl any one can ever meet towrds guys and now im all over i really cant say i was born gay....

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I think...

I think that I was born gay because i've always loved men.

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No. I dont think so

Coz when I was little I was straight. but then when I entered highschool, I became bi.

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or could it be that you just didn't think about it...

Seriously, when you were a little kid did you really even think about that stuff?
How would you have known before you were even old enough to be attracted to the opposite or same sex?
Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I have no idea. I just know t

I have no idea. I just know that I definitely didn't choose to like girls. I have even tried to make myself just like guys, but it doesn't work. Maybe our brains developed differently or something.....

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its definetly not something y

its definetly not something you pick. perhaps you can choose to supress it, though that never ends well. besides, being gay or straight or whatever is not a 'sexual preference', its not just what you like in bed, i think its more than that. your orientation is just an inate part of who you are- people dont get 'turned' gay, its just that because we live in a hetero society and are raised (for the most part) to believe that striaght is normal and right, we have to realize that we're gay...

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was born

it think i was born wit it cuz like i remeber when i was five i was like i wish i was a boy cuz i liked girls but then when i got older i realized i didnt have to be a boy to like girls i could like em jus like myself so yeah

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Born gay yes.

"Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs,
Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)

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It's impossible to say, I just can't remember birth for some reason

However...I've loved men as long as I can remember (not that I always realised it), so it's got to be either from birth or from a pretty early age

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i dont know whether or not i

i dont know whether or not i was born gay, but i know i didnt choose it. i mean, why would anyone choose to be discrimanated against like that??

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You were just born that way, and as they say it's in your DNA you're gay!- Avenue Q

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Personally I dont think that

Personally I dont think that it matters, but my opinion is that there is no sure fire answer that would describe everyone. What might be the result of prenatal exposure to the mother's hormones or a pure psychological coping device can both lead a person to the same orientation.

As for the DNA aspect, there is no gene that is responsible for being gay or straight. The scientists who discovered a correlation of genes and the gay orientation were later proven to be the result of mothers who's wombs became used to handeling children and exposed the fetues to too much of certain hormones.
I believe its called the 'big brother syndrome' or something like that.