So, what do I do next?

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First crush. My first crush, in my entire life...and it's on a girl.

Her name is Gina. She's my co-worker. She's also a lesbian. However, she's also romantically involved with someone else at the moment. So. Not a chance of any future involvement.

I don't know what the hell to DO! I'm crazy about her! I've never had a real crush before--now it's can't eat, can't sleep, obsessive, stuttering, literally walking into walls!

I've had two boyfriends. This is my first female crush (well, my first crush period, but you get the point). Does this mean I'm bisexual, or am I still straight, and just going through a phase? I've fantasized on occasion about girls, but I don't know if it's actually an integral part of my sexuality. I've questioned, sure, but I've never really questioned that seriously.

Part of me wonders if I'm just doing this to get attention. I -want- to be attracted to women. I don't know if that's just to feel different and special, or if it's an actual sensation and I'm still in denial about it. Agh! So confused! What do I DO?!?

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Not much to do if your crush isn't available. Kind of makes the discussion more academic than anything else.

"I could eat a knob at night." -- Karl Pilkington

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Rock and hard place

is where you are. You have no right to step between
the crush and her other half. They are in a relationship
but...If it is an open one your crush MUST make the
effort (or first move) not you. You sound confused
as to human nature. You were and are still born
bisexual. As we grow older we act on it, or supress it.
Some go Gay some go str8, but we are all still bisexual.
Since you said she is gay... confide in her over coffee
some time. Tell her that you have a crush on a girl
and cant act on it and need her advise. BUT make sure
you know she is gay. Has she said so???
You can tell her it is her you have the crush on but
it will ruin the work relationship you have and
cause more problems then it is worth. I suggest you
just let it slide under your skin and forget it. It
will be hard to do so but it would be
for the best. Work and sex dont mix.
good luck
you are loved