Solution to all break ups

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When you break up. and you end up still being in love with that chick/dude...

drop the bitch like a rock

get drunk


and find some sexy ass girls (boys for the guys), to come and make you fell better :P

know what i mean... :]


Cause thinking about them not thinking about you, can cause serious waste of mental energy...


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so cool

haha for evrey if the bitch dont like me then fuck her haha and move on..haha ur so true

"id rather be hated for what i am then 2 be loved for something im not"..huh i love boys and gurls

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heck yes...:D

heck yes...:D

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Or.... Well, I was going to

Well, I was going to say something well meaning and sensible. But really, you're right.

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Yeah I like all of those. Although you missed out on the sitting on the sofa with a big tub of ice cream and a bad movie. And a beer. Sorry, sveral beers

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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HAHA... yea... well.. i said

HAHA... yea... well.. i said drinking lol close enough... but yea, sitting on the couch and wallowing would be phase one... its so sad that i can actually break the break up process down into phases...