someone plz help wit this!!

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i have this friend who i think is bi-curius cuz on my b-day she spent the nite and she asked me (at the time she didnt know i was bi) how does to girls have sex and i go wat and then i explained it to her but she didnt seem to satfied wit my answer so i sed ok ill show u so i turned on the tv and put it on the L word and told her to wait (im goin off the subject for a moment cuz this is funny) well then her boyfriend called and sed wats u doin and she sed watchin tv and he sed so am i (at that point a sex scene had came on) and she sed wat r u watchin and he started to describe it and it was wat we were watchin and my friend sed we r whatchin that too and then she sed turn the channel and he sed he didnt know where the remote was so yeah that was funny (back to point) well yeah and now she keeps askin me lots of sexs ?s bout straight and gay sex but she keeps denyin she curius. and theres other things like she hates not havin a bf (thats how i was when i was denyin it) and then she flirts wit me, and then gets upset when i talk bout my gfs and stuff goin in that direction. so wat do i do bout this?? how do i go bout finding out??