splish splash...la la la...

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Alexis jumped into lake all about Tuesday afternoon...bing bang Alexis saw the whole gang dancin in the lake they were doin the macarena...LOL

Ok so today my school took us to this man made lake well me and my 2 other friends diddn't bring suits cause we don't wanna show all our chub-chub as we have been calling it. Well our other friend did and she didn't want to swim alone so my other friend fully clothed said she would only if I and my other friend did also now were talking jeans shirt bra underwear the whole enchalata. Well we went in but only up to our waist. I kept tellin them not to get my hair wet. Another reason I didn't want to go swimming because well i'm half black my hair is thick. So if I get it wet it gets nappy as hell. Well its going good just standing in the lake talking. The all of a sudden this boy josh our friend came up and made this big splash.

I was pissed but not alot. It only got the back ends of my hair wet so that's fine. Everyone is splasing each other well Ii'm able to move out the way fast enough not to get my hair wet. Well then comes a girl lily oh by the way my friends the 2 are Rachel and Alyssa and the other is Ashley. Well lily splashes me only gets my hair a bit wet still ok. Then this girl sable comes up behind me wraps her arms around me and throws me under water.

My hair is fully soaked now not pissed or angry though cause well it was kind of fun but then i'm like yo your black too you know how the hair gets but she had braids so she was kinda alright but I don't have them. Well then we all were just non-stop playing around chasing after each person that just dunked you and we would gang up on these two guys Dan and Chris cause no one could get them by themselves. It was fun lots of fun I loved it one of the best moments of my life.

Oh the song its the Elmo version of Splish Splash by Bobby Darin I like it alot.


We were really doing the macarena in the lake they have a big sound system with speakers all over and that came on...LOL


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Splish Splash!

Splish Splash!
I was taking a bath,
long about a Saturday night.
Rub-a-dub just relaxing in the tub,
thinking everything was alright.

Well I stepped out [of] the tub,
put my feet on the floor.
I wrapped my towel around me
and I opened the door.

And then a splish splash!
I jumped back in the bath,
how was I to know there was a party going on?

... And that's all I remember. We sang that in our sixth grade choir. o.o Sounds like you had a fun time though. =D

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