Step 1 : Passing

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So yesterday I took what I feel was a big step towards passing as a male. I cut my hair off, as seen in my avatar. Let it be known that I already frequent the men's section at Hollister. However, my family has no idea that not only am I their son/nephew/grandson, rather than Julia, their daughter/neice/granddaughter/sister, i'm a GAY man! . So when I arrived home with....very little hair, all hell broke loose. My grandmother cried, my mother called me a "fat old dyke", and it was made clear that I was not permitted to make any more decisions anymore because I am "irresponsible". Worst of all, they are insisting I dress in very feminine clothes when I leave the house, so I will not be mistaken for a boy. but that was my intent! . I've been reduced to carrying a large purse to take a change of clothes. If I hear one more homophobic or genderphobic taunt thrown out by my gramma I'll snap. I've spent all day hiding in my room because I don't want to face them.

Everyone builds up this idea of who you are and who you're supposed to be, and i can;t be that girl sometimes two years until I move out sounds like such a short period of time. But its days like these when it feels so far away


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Hey I really admire your courage to be yourself, that takes a lot. But it really sucks about how misunderstanding your grandma and mum are.. I can't imagine having to put up with that negative shit. Just try to stay strong yeah, they have no right to stop you from being who you are.

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Your foto looks really nice b

Your foto looks really nice btw.