still waiting..

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I think she's avoiding me. She signed onto msn for like 2 seconds, probably saw me and went offline! Oh crap. Now I feel like I shouldn't have sent that letter, it's been like almost 3 weeks and she still hasn't said anything to me. That's surely enough time for her to get over it right? I mean, I'm almost over it.. well not exactly, she's kinda left me hanging and I'm freaking out. I'm getting to the point where I'm paranoid that she's read my last journal where I said I used to like her! I really thought that she would be cool with it.. arrr it's really messing with my head.

Told Tim over the phone about how she might be avoiding me, he told me to email her and just ask how she's going and that. I really want to, but I don't wanna be forceful and demanding. But I guess if she doesn't reply to my email.. then she's definetely not worth it right. But I didn't want the situation to turn out like this, I thought something good woulda come out of it.. Unless she's just so shocked because I am so good at hiding who I am, and she's just mad coz I'm a big fucking liar. I don't know if I wanna come out to anyone else if it's gonna be a let down like this.


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Three weeks is a long time, s

Three weeks is a long time, so you won't go over as pushy by now. You should definately email her or see if you can get on the phone or something.

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I agree. Call her or somethin

I agree. Call her or something. This will only get more weird.

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